White Sage Smudge Spray
White Sage Smudge Spray

White Sage Smudge Spray

Belle Ame Essential Oils, LLC

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For clearing and cleansing energy.
White Sage Smudge Spray has been blessed and charged under the light of the first full moon lunar eclipse of 2020.

  • Charged with Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz Crystals
  • Moon Water
  • Great for on the go
  • All natural, pure plant oils

While smudging with any form of White Sage, be clear of the energies in which you wish to release, and replace them with the energies you’d wish to invite into your space!

I cleanse (this space, person or self) of any and all things that don’t serve me for my highest good (you can be specific). I invite ( whatever you wish to invite) love and peace into this space.
It is done so now! Asé