Selenite Wand
Selenite Wand
Selenite Wand

Selenite Wand

Belle Ame Essential Oils, LLC

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 “Liquid Light” ⠀

Selenite Crystals are great for removing mental blockages and dispelling negative energy.

It's a high vibrational crystal great to have when working with higher chakras such as the crown chakra and third eye chakra. Set your crystals on or around selenite to recharge them. Grid your home for protection with selenite!⠀

Protects your energetic realm⠀
A great calming stone⠀
Instills peace⠀
Powerful energetic abilities ⠀
Absorbs negativity and releases it upward⠀
Great for spiritual work & meditation ⠀
Clears confusion allowing you to have better insight

Approximately 8”
Chunky Raw Selenite Wands