About Trinity Divine Crystal Energy Candles

Please see below for a brief description of some of the crystals used in our candles. You can also refer to the "Crystal Bible" for more in depth description.

Amethyst- Activates spiritual awareness, Spiritual healing, calmness, protection & wisdom. Helps with intuition, balancing emotions, third eye wisdom & great for the Crown Chakra.
Blue Calcite- Evokes a sense of serenity. A powerful healing and purification stone. Great for third eye and throat chakra. Has the ability to absorb energy, filter it and return to benefit the sender.
Carnelian-  Sparks creativity, encourages self confidence & boosts energy. Promotes positive life choices.
Citrine- Known as the happy stone as well as the prosperity stone.  Attracts wealth, joy & abundance.  Activates creativity and self expression. Aids in manifesting your goals. Great for the Solar Plexus Chakra.
Danburite- Works to clear blocked heart chakras,  gently energizes, removes blockages and helps the healing process to begin. Great for clearing the crown and third eye chakras. Activates and aligns the heart and crown chakras together
Green Aventurine- The stone of prosperity and good fortune. Calms anger and irritation, a comforter and heart healer, Promotes empathy and compassion. Great for the heart chakra.
Pink Calcite- A gentle yet powerful stone great for emotional well being, wholeness and healing the heart chakra.
Pyrite- Known as fools gold...Activates and opens the solar plexus chakra. Provides powerful protections and promotes wealth and prosperity. Enhances ambition and willpower.
Rainbow Fluorite- Block electromagnetic smog,Reduces stress, Transforms negative energy into positive energy, Strengthens intuition, Improves concentratio n &Promotes self-confidence.
Rose Quartz- Known as the love stone. Promotes Self love, opens the heart chakra, helps to create emotional healing and balance, raises self confidence.